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Espejos 2014


HD 6.3 99 min
In a chaotic Latin American city a religious housewife begins an obsessive sexual adventure that will make her pay the highest price. At the same time, her husband lives a secret long-term-relationship that will turn him into a murderer.A famous super-model used to the excesses of celebrity life falls into a dishonorable media scandal. A gynecologist jeopardizes his career by a growing fondness for gambling. A corrupt and ruthless businessman avenges the kidnapping and murder of his six-year-old-son.And a fierce social activist, obsessed with the mysterious death of his parents, faces the darkest pressures and influences of political power.These six connected-stories will reach the edge of the abyss and will remind us of Octavio Paz wise words 'the essence of all human life is solitude'.
Country: Venezuela,
Genre: Drama,
Release: 2014-10-07
Original Title: Espejos
Language: EN
Director: César Manzano
Tags: , ,


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