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Graves & Bones 2014

Graves & Bones

HD 5.7 90 min
Gunnar and Sonja are a married couple that had it all, money,love and a beautful daughter. But after the death of there daughter their world falls apart. To make things worse Gunnar is in the middle of a trial, being charged with illegal sales and purchase on behave of his company. When Gunnar and Sonja inherit Gunnar's niece Perla, the couple take on a weekend journey to pick up Perla, who is staying at a remote house in the Icelandic country side where she lost both of her parents in a horrible way. When Gunnar and Sonja arrive at the house strange things start to happen.
Country: Iceland,
Genre: Thriller, Horror,
Release: 2014-04-21
Original Title: Grafir og bein
Language: IS


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