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In the Name of Love 2011

In the Name of Love

HD 7.5 115 min
Former dance instructor Emman Toledo was employed as a dance instructor for a governor’s ball. He finds himself in a passionate love affair with Cedes Fernandez who happens to be engaged to Dylan Evelino son of the governor. The couple finds themselves in a dangerous situation. The Evelino Clan is too powerful that nothing gets in their way to get what they want. Despite her hatred for the dirty politics, Cedes has no choice but to succumb to the decision of Dylan out of her indebtedness towards the family. Emman is drawn towards Cedes from the first time she catches his eye. As their lives intertwine through dance, Emman and Cedes find themselves resisting an affair: one that holds the truths to their painful pasts, and the memories of a boundless love. Pursuing their feelings for each other will only set fire to the dangers and trappings of their love, so much so that their love could cost them their lives.
Country: Philippines,
Genre: Drama,
Release: 2011-05-27
Original Title: In the Name of Love
Language: EN


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