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L Storm 2018

L Storm

HD 6.4 97 min
ICAC Investigator William Luk and JFIU Chief Inspector Lau Po-keung both hit a dead end in their investigation of a bribery case and a money laundering case. In the meantime, William Luk was suspended when model Eva Ng went to Inspector Kenny Ching of ICAC’s Internal Investigation Group L, to file a report against him for accepting a $12M bribe. Lau discovered Luk was set up and whoever framed Luk was connected to his case. He began to suspect the bank manager Thomson Yau was assisting a gangster, Wong Hoi-wo in money laundering activities. When Director Hong Liang of China’s Anti-Corruption & Bribery Bureau (ACBB) provided Lau with important intelligence, it became clear the money laundering activities were connected to a corrupted Vice-Ministerial Level cadre. To clear his name, William Luk put everything on the line…
Country: Hong Kong,
Genre: Action, Crime,
Release: 2018-08-23
Original Title: L風暴
Language: CN
Director: David Lam
Tags: , ,


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