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Lapland Odyssey 3 2017

Lapland Odyssey 3

HD 6.7 103 min
In the third instalment of the franchise, Janne embarks on an epic hike, a journey of self-discovery. His dreams of a tranquil retreat into nature are quickly shattered however, when Räihänen and Kämäräinen both decide to come along for the trip. Meanwhile Janne’s spouse Inari gets the chance to go back to work, but only if she can prove she’s “management material” and a real leader. Inari enters the Swamp Soccer tournament, where to her horror she finds out her ex Little Mikko is also competing.
Country: Finland,
Genre: Comedy, Adventure,
Release: 2017-08-23
Original Title: Napapiirin sankarit 3
Language: FI
Director: Tiina Lymi


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Lapland Odyssey 3

2017 103 min Movie