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Man and a Baby 2017

Man and a Baby

1. Sleep when you can... 2. It gets easier... 3. Burb, burb, burb...
HD 6.4 90 min
Antti Pasanen is working as a journalist. His life is on the right tracks; his wife Pia is just about to give birth. Until - in the front of the Maternity Hospital everything changes. Antti, with the sniffling baby in his arms, sees the taxi´s taillights fading out. Pia is sitting on the backseat; their future as a nuclear family is disappearing. The new life with the baby´s terms begins and Antti has no idea what that’s all about.
Country: Finland,
Genre: Comedy,
Release: 2017-10-06
Original Title: Yösyöttö
Language: FI
Director: Marja Pyykkö