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Senior Trip 1981

Senior Trip

All aboard for a ride on the wild side!
HD 6 96 min
A group of graduating students from a midwestern high school comes to New York City on a trip to celebrate the impending end of school. The students include: Roger Ellis, an ambitious teen aiming for success in big business; David, an aspiring rock star; Judy Matheson, a stagestruck coed actress wannabe; Denise, a free-spirited girl hoping to obtain a degree of sophistication; Fred, a lotharo looking for any Big City woman to be with; and Jon Lipton, a would-be artist hoping to make it big. Mickey Rooney also appears briefly as himself during the backstage scene at the play "Sugar Babies."
Genre: Comedy, Drama, TV Movie,
Release: 1981-12-30
Original Title: Senior Trip
Language: EN
Director: Kenneth Johnson


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