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Seven Days: Monday - Thursday 2015

Seven Days: Monday - Thursday

HD 6.8 66 min
Toji Seryo is a popular first year high school student. It's well known that Toji Seryo will date anyone that confesses their affection for him on a Monday, but he will break up with that person by Sunday. Yuzuru Shino is a third year student at the same high school. He looks pretty, but all of his former girlfriends end up dumping him. Yuzuru Shino becomes curious about Toji Seryo. On a whim, half serious & half joking, Yuzuru Shino asks Toji Seryo to date. The film is based on a comic. Part 1 follows Monday to Thursday. Part 2 follows Friday to Sunday.
Country: Japan,
Genre: Comedy,
Release: 2015-06-06
Original Title: セブンデイズ MONDAY→THURSDAY
Language: JA
Director: Takeshi Yokoi


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